CI/CD & Automation

Consulting to help you automate, scale and govern CI/CD

  • Do you find it hard to implement CI/CD?
  • Does integrating all your tools give you stress?
  • Are you on a tight deadline and need certified consultants?
  • Do you need tech skillsets that are difficult to find?
  • Is change too risky? Do you need policies and security?
  • Are you afraid you’ve been using the wrong tools?

CI/CD & Automation Solutions


Consulting to help you get a CI/CD PoC up and running. Clients use this for troubleshooting and proving out new tools.

CI/CD Quickstart

Get started fast with this solution designed to help you set up a CI/CD pipeline with best practice processes, tools, and policies.

CI/CD Framework & Architecture Review

Need advice on processes, tools, and architecture? This is designed to review your existing framework, make recommendations, and give you access to our repo.



Chef Consulting

Financial firm takes the risk out of open source

“Shadow-Soft provided a high-level breakdown of each configuration management tool. This helped us evaluate them from an automation perspective.”

Increase deployment frequency by 1.9X

Research firm needed to move faster to deliver more value to its customers. By implementing Ansible on Azure they increased deployment frequency by 1.9X.