CI/CD Pipeline Services

Let’s Make Your CI/CD Pipeline Implementation a Success

Kubernetes Consulting Certifications

On-Demand CI/CD Pipeline Consulting

  • Bucket of hours
  • Troubleshooting
  • “Ask me anything” sessions
  • Architecture review
  • Implementation services

CI/CD Pipeline Integration Services

  • Build CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and AWS CodePipeline
  • Integrate CI/CD Pipelines with Kubernetes and/or OpenShift
  • Integrate code repository, testing, security, and monitoring

CI/CD Pipeline Training and Enablement

  • “Over the shoulder” training
  • CI/CD Pipelines workshops
  • CI/CD with OpenShift workshops
  • CI/CD workflow enablement
  • Lunch and learn sessions

Our Partners

“Shadow-Soft has a fantastic reputation in the open-source community. Shadow-Soft’s work was foundational to what we’ve done architecturally since. As we continue to do test, probe and analyze the solution, Shadow-Soft’s recommendations help to keep us on track.”

– Josh Bregman, VP of Technology at CyGlass

CI/CD Pipeline Resources

Integrating OpenShift with CI/CD Pipelines

Learn why and how customers are integrating OpenShift with Cloud Services and CI/CD Pipelines.

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Infrastructure Provisioning in the Cloud Operating Model

Understand the benefits that come with adopting the cloud operating model at the infrastructure provisioning layer.

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Shadow-Soft Podcast #1: Kubernetes

In this podcast episode, listen to Shadow-Soft’s James Hendrix and Derrick Sutherland discuss Kubernetes.

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