How are you automating infrastructure builds and deployments? What technologies are you using in your pipelines? What metrics are you using to demonstrate success to leadership?

Join us for a webinar featuring discussions on automating deployments, building CI/CD pipelines, and demonstrating success to leadership. Shadow-Soft’s John Ray will share his best practices and provide you with tangible feedback and tips to take back to your team.

This webinar will give you:

  • Best practices on using Jenkins, Packer, Terraform, and Ansible to automate deployments
  • Top lessons learned from the best and worst pipelines
  • Metrics to help you track performance and demonstrate value to leadership
  • Advice on selecting the best tools for the different steps in your pipeline

Who should attend

  • IT Leadership
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Architects


  • Speaker: John Ray, Cloud Solution Architect at Shadow-Soft

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