AppDynamics – The Future of APM

Haven’t heard of AppDynamics?  You better step your proverbial APM game up!  AppDynamics is crushing it in the Application Performance Management space.  It’s so good, Microsoft is using it to monitor XBox Live in production.  What happened to SCOM, Microsoft???? Here’s even a short tweet where AppDynamics references this.



Do you watch Netflix?  Have you ever gotten stuck watching every episode of Breaking Bad or Lost in a single day like the rest of us?  Netflix is able to keep our TV addictions possible by using AppDynamics to monitor thousands of their systems at any given time.  And somehow AppDynamics is able to do this all from one controller?!?! Tell me what other APM solution can do that without needing multiple controllers.  New Relic?  Dynatrace?  Good products in their own right, but do any of them nearly scale to this level? NO WAY IN HELL!  Without this level of magic, you’d be stuck having a life rather then reliving Ross teaching Rachel & Phoebe the ways of UNAGI!



AppDynamics is such a powerful APM solution that they have practically become a PaaS in their own right.  Imagine for a second that you have a company hosting a service to thousands of customers (I know… it’s a stretch, but go with me on this!).   During core business hours when your website experiences heavy load (“that’s what she said”), you would hope that your environment would automatically scale to handle such an occasion.  Sadly under normal circumstances, this is not the case and infrastructure teams are left to manually increase resources.  The innovation of the cloud may have made scaling easier, but the recurring issue of knowing when to automatically scale/shrink has been a problem ever since.  AppDynamics solves this problem using Run Book Automation.  If and when your services deviate from their expected performance, a health rule violation get’s thrown and an automatic process is kick started for scaling your environment. Plus, once things slow back down AppDynamics can automatically downscale your environment.  Talk about efficiency, that’s MONEY IN THE BANK! APM and Auto Remediation?  How does any other product even compete?!?


All that being said, I think we can all agree….AppDynamics is really that HOT HOT APM FIRE! As an authorized AppDynamics partner and integrator, we can help you evaluate the technology for your specific environment.


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