Icinga2’s object-based configuration format helps Adobe monitor 200 hosts and 2,000 services

Adobe, a multinational computer software company, spent a long time evaluating different IT monitoring tools. They chose Icinga2 because it stood out with it’s object-based configuration format.

Why Icinga?

Adobe uses Icinga to monitor over 200 hosts and 2,000 services. The company moved to Icinga to take advantage of it’s object-based configuration format. In addition, the team found confidence in  Icinga team, community, and support.

The ability to use macros, assignments, inheritance, etc has allowed Adobe to scale their monitoring with ease. The company benefits from the metrics that are exported to Graphite.

They found the new Icinga Web 2 interface looks amazing, is easy to work with, and helps the team respond faster to issues. Adobe uses Icinga2 to monitor their infrastructure (Linux VMs, Docker containers, and all the services) that power a large percent of the main website along with several other supporting sites.

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“We spent a long time evaluating other monitoring solutions but Icinga2 stood out with the object-based configuration format”
 Jordan Jethwa, Web Technologist, Online Experience Management, Adobe Systems Incorporated