Shadow-Soft Academy is one way Shadow-Soft invests back into the open source and emerging technology community. Academy is a developmental program designed to build up the next generation of people who will be working with the emerging technologies Shadow-Soft specializes in.

Benefits of Shadow-Soft Academy


Training In Relevant Technologies

The training programs inside of Shadow-Soft Academy are tailored by our industry experts who pulled on their years of experience as engineers and consultants working with some of the most well-known companies in the world.


Mentoring from Industry Experts

Our team of engineers and consultants hold a combined 85+ certifications and decades of experience working the latest in emerging technology. As a part of Shadow-Soft Academy, we make their experience and expertise available to you giving you access to practical, real-world knowledge that you can’t obtain through any other training course or school.


Change the Trajectory of Your Career

Getting ready to graduate from college? Just graduate from college? Stuck in a job that feels like it is going nowhere and isn’t providing you with fulfilling work? Shadow-Soft Academy will equip you with the skill set to land a new career working with exciting technology.

How has your life changed since Shadow-Soft Academy?

“Prior to joining Shadow-Soft Academy, I found the work that I was doing to be interesting but unfulfilling. Shadow-Soft Academy equipped me with the technology skill set I needed to take control of the direction of my career and opened up new doors I never thought possible. Academy can do the same for anyone else who is willing to take on the challenge.”

Isiaha – Shadow-Soft Academy Graduate

Reasons We Started Shadow-Soft Academy

Investing in the Technology Community

We wanted to give back to a community that had been so good to us! Over the last decade Shadow-Soft has grown with the open source and emerging technology community and we felt the growing pains along the way. Similar growing pains that those trying to break into our industry are feeling now and we wanted to help ease some of those pains. Shadow-Soft Academy is our opportunity to develop and mentor technology talent at no cost to those who participate.

Helping People Super-Charge Their Careers

When we were interviewing folks, or just talking with different people in the industry, we kept hearing the same thing “I feel like I’m stuck in a rut and I can’t figure out how to get out of it”. When we heard that we heard the frustration and felt their pain. We set out to find a way to close the gap between where people currently were in their career and where they saw themselves being.

The Desire For Well Rounded Technologist

With the world of silos fading away, we wanted to develop technologies that were multifaceted and able to tackle a number of challenging technology problems

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Why would you encourage someone else to pursue Shadow-Soft Academy?

“I would encourage someone to pursue Shadow-Soft Academy because of how much it changed the trajectory of my career. I don’t believe I would be happy and doing work that I enjoy had I not taken the challenge to better myself through the Shadow-Soft Academy.“

James – Shadow-Soft Academy Graduate

3 Reasons to be a part of Shadow-Soft Academy

What is Shadow-Soft Academy, Why Be a Part of It?

3 Reasons We Started Shadow-Soft Academy

Success Stories

Success Story: Isiaha

Success Story: James

Success Story: Jonathan