3 Reasons We Started Shadow-Soft Academy

Why did we start Shadow-Soft Academy? Why go through the time and effort to develop a developmental program to better technologist in our community? Below are 3 reasons why we started Shadow-Soft Academy.

1. Develop Well Rounded Technologist

When we looked around the talent pool we saw some things that posed challenges to us and frustrations for candidates in the pool. We generally saw either a talent scarcity in the technologies we deal with or we found folks who specialized in one, maybe two of the technologies but not the full gambit of what we were looking for. We also found a number of folks who wanted to break into the technologies we specialized it but didn’t have the experience with those technologies quite yet. Shadow-Soft Academy set out to solve those issues. We designed training pathways in DevOps or Cloud that will equip up and coming technologist or transitioning technologist to be well rounded with training in, in-demand technologies built upon a solid foundation of Linux System Administration skills.

2. Help People Elevate Their Careers

When we were interviewing folks, or just talking with different people in the industry, we kept hearing the same thing “I feel like I’m stuck in a rut and I can’t figure out how to get out of it”. When we heard that we heard the frustration and felt their pain. We set out to find a way to close the gap between where people currently where in their career and where they saw themselves being. Shadow-Soft Academy was that solution. Building upon what you already know, either through school, prior work experience or both, Academy continues to develop your technology skill set by equipping you with the knowledge around technologies that companies are begging for help with. Whether it is with us, one of our partners or one of our clients, we will connect you with the folks who are working with the newest technologies and are looking to hire people with knowledge in those areas.

3. Invest in the Technology Community

We wanted to give back to a community that had been so good to us! Over the last decade Shadow-Soft has grown with the open source and emerging technology community and we felt the growing pains along the way. Similar growing pains that those trying to break into our industry are feeling now and we wanted to help ease some of those pains. Shadow-Soft Academy is our opportunity to develop and mentor technology talent at no cost to those who participate. All we ask is that those who are a part of Academy work hard, commit themselves to the process and, in turn, help the community. Academy allows us to improve the next generation of technology talent and we couldn’t be more excited to lead the charge into the future.