Join the Email & Calendar Revolution

Shadow-Soft offers subscription and migration services for the only viable Open Source alternative to Microsoft Exchange – Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS). The ZCS is an enterprise-class open source email, calendar and collaboration server.  In addition to email and calendar, it provides document storage and editing, instant messaging, and simplified administrative controls all in an·advanced webmail user interface built with the latest AJAX web technology. ZCS also provides·advanced compatibility with existing email clients and over-the-air sync to smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry).


Communicate Without Boundaries

Zimbra can be deployed as a dedicated on-premise or hosted email service (provided by Shadow-Soft).The server is deployed on commodity·Linux and Mac server·hardware which·dramatically reduces TCO compared to legacy email vendors. In addition to these traditional deployment options, Zimbra is designed for virtualization and can be run as avirtual appliance or private or public cloud.


Take A Break From Exchange

Zimbra has open APIs and a UI framework to add new end user functionality to the Web Collaboration client called “Zimlets.”  Unlike legacy messaging solutions, this enables ZCS to be easily tailored to the needs of an organization or deployment by integrating Zimbra’s web email and collaboration experience with third party data sources to create new “mash-up” user interfaces or brand new application tabs. Zimbra ships with a default of Zimlets on the server or let Shadow-Soft develop a custom Zimlet to integrate Zimbra with your back office systems or custom workflows.