Why Open Source?

In today’s market, companies are continually faced with tighter budgets and greater IT demands. As a result, Open Source is answering the call at all levels to help reduce costs and improve security, transparency, and collaboration. Why? Because Open Source is stable, trustworthy, and secure, and solutions are being used across many different enterprises to create efficiencies, eliminate proprietary vendor lock-in, meet mission-critical IT demands and improve service delivery.

Do More With Less

Shadow-Soft is dedicated to Open Source Software, Cloud Computing and other market disruptive solutions. We combine our expertise and investment in these technologies to help commercial, educational, federal, state & local government organizations select and implement the best Open Source solutions available. From cloud, SOA, and virtualization to platform, middleware, management, and monitoring, lets us show you everything Open Source has to offer.

Technology Freedom

In the traditional model of software delivery, upgrades are costly, access to help is limited, and there is no incentive for vendors to improve software between upgrades.·When customers want the latest technology, they have to wait for the next release, whenever that may be.

You Have a Choice

Open Source offers a new way to consume software and is typically delivered via a subscription. The Open Source development model coupled with the subscription business model uniquely delivers low cost, high value technology as it’s developed. Subscriptions add value where licenses simply cannot:

  • Access to latest source code, updates, bug fixes, security errata, and hardware support
  • Ability to upgrade to new releases and versions in real time at no extra charge
  • Thoroughly tested and quality controlled technology
  • Expert technical support with multiple service level options
  • Intellectual Property and Legal Assurance

Expert Consulting

The Shadow-Soft team is comprised of Open Source industry veterans that are active members or contributors to projects like,, Apache Software Foundation, and the Open Source Initiative. Our consultants have delivered a wide variety of engagements to federal, state, and local agencies as well as Fortune 500 customers and we are experts in delivering a comprehensive Open Source solution set, including the consulting services to guide and migrate our customers. To be more specific, we provide strategic assessments, architectural design reviews, migration, integration, tuning, troubleshooting, application development, and training & mentoring services.

Shadow-Soft also provides enterprise-class hardware and integration services for the software solutions we sell. Our partnerships include the Open Source elite and it’s what sets us apart from our competitors. You have a choice.